29 Jun 2016

Maths Patterns

This is what we have been doing in our independent learning. We have been doing patterns that continue. We have to use an algebra formula to solve it. I am getting really good at solving them.
Can you solve this pattern using a formula?
I asked Camden to solve this question using his Formula.
How many match sticks will it take to make this pattern with 16 repeats of the base pattern.
This was his formula m={t16✖️2+1}=33
My formula is m=(t16x2+1)=33. It was the same as camdens. It was correct.
 Evaluation:I think that I am getting good at working out algebra patterns.

28 Jun 2016

Fractions check point

We have been doing a fraction check point. It helps us to improve on different fractions questions. think that is m getting better at my fractions and working on stage 6 fraction questions. This also shows what we have been doing in maths so we can evidence our learning.
Here it is. This link will take you to it. I hope you like it.


Today we have been doing making our own formulas to solve the problems on our work sheets. The problems were about the patterns and how many matchsticks were in the patterns. We had to make a formula to solve it. My formula was M=(t-1x2)+3. We did different problems so for my formula I had to change the t because we used squares and houses. This is the work sheet we did do you think it looks hard.

Feedback: I like the way you said what your formula was.
Feedforward:I think you could write tidier. Patrick

Evaluation: I think that I am getting a lot better at algebra and making formulas.

Weather inquiry

Every Friday room12 does weather inquiry with Troy. We are studying the weather and clouds. The first thing we did was look at our cloud dairy. It has everything we need to know about clouds and what we are going to do. Then We had a look at different experiments for what we want to do. Angus and I are going to do a sink hole in a cup.
This is picture of a sink hole.

This is a sink hole in the middle of the ocean.

Feedback: love you photos.

Feedfoward: maybe you could add a little bit more information about sink holes.
Evaluation: I think that angus and I are going to do a good job. I think that sink holes are very dangerous.


Every Monday afternoon the people that don't go to kappa haka do E-tereo. It is a lesson that we learn Maori language. Lately we have been listening and singing a song called aotearoa by Stan walker. It is a Maori song all about New Zealand and how lucky we are to live in New Zealand. It is hard to learn because we all are more familiar with English than Maori. It is quite fast but we are getting the hang of it.
Here is the video with the lyrics. Have a listen. Try sing it.
Feedback: I think it is good
Feedfoward: Next time you could explain what e te reo is.

Evaluation:I think that I am getting good at learning Maori language.

23 Jun 2016

Design thinking

Every Thursday we have been doing creative thinking with Suzanne and Troy. Lately we have been making something that will fly. Suzanne gave us some materials. They were: 6 pieces of paper, blue tack, 1 meter of tape and 3 straws. I think that my one flew well and  the structure and was sturdy. I used one piece of paper to sketch out my plan and label everything.
This is what my plane looked like.
 And this is my plan.

Feedback:love the dicription I now know what items you used and how you made your plane 

Feedforward:maybe cheack your dicription before you show it to a buddy. Camden 

Evaluation:I think that it is really fun to use creative thinking.

20 Jun 2016

Sea turtle writing

Description:this term for literacy we have been learning about sea turtles. We have written a story about the process of a sea turtles life. The task was that we would have four paragraphs about different stages of their lives. I did 4 paragraphs.Read my story to find out what happens to a sea turtle?

                                                         Sea turtles
Turtles have been around since the meazoic era.230,000,000 million years ago! They were first      discovered to be alive I the early Triassic period. They looked different in the Triassic period. But in the mid Jurassic period they evoled into what they look like now. They also evoled to adapt to the new environment. When the meteor  hit earth 65,000,000 years ago palientoligists believe that at the time the turtles stayed under water without breading so they could keep safe. Over 13,000 turtles died.

A mother sea turtle lays 1,000 eggs. Only 800 hatch. As they progress towards the sea crabs, seabirds and other beach predators threaten the baby's. The predators kill half of the bay's which leaves 400 left. That means that the baby's have to watch each other's backs.

Once the remaining baby's make it to the sea they trade one set of threats for more I the ocean. Only 200 survive the first new threats and the currents. The main threats are bigger fish,Sharks,squids,jelly fish and junk that has been thrown into the ocean.

As they grow older they reach the age of breading. They can bread at the age of 3 to 5. Once they reach adulthood they are threatened by sharks, orca whales and humans. Usually humans try to kill Only 20 survive without human interferance. 2! Survive with human interference. So if you think about it it is a miracle, a jackpot to survive when being a sea turtle

Feedback: I like the way you had 4 paragraphs. I thought that you had 3 

Feedforward:I think you should work on your full stops and capital letters 

Angusm is awesome.

Evaluation: I think that I have done a good job because I have included lots of facts and information about a sea turtles lifecycle. Do you think that it is as good as I think it is.

9 Jun 2016

Bookapedia term 2 reasearch

Bookapedia is a book club. In Poutama it is my reading group. 

Skill 1
Title:skimming and scanning
Walt:create criteria to evaluate sources.


 We have also done a summary on the Japanese new invisible train. Suzanne asked us some questions about the train. Here are my answers.

1. Japan is famous for its high state of the art speed trains.

2. A famous Japanese train designer Kazuyo sejima is the designer of the new train.

3. The train will go so fast it will be invisible!

4. It will also hover 10cms above the ground.

 5. It will be ready in 2018

A good source has:
 a good reputation, be from a trusted expert, not ask for private information or have virus warnings, contain the keywords / information you are looking for.

Skill2: summarizing.
Walt: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective

Evidence: I ran out of time to finish but I knew what to do.
This is my fact tree. It shows that I have researched from different sources.

Lately we have been doing I wouldn't want to be a...! We have a list of warriors or people in the war. I chose to do a knight and a roman gladiator.
This is why you do not want to be one of these people!!

You wouldn't want to be a knight because everywhere you go you are in a war. You get shot at with arrows with flames on the end. You could get stabbed and cut in half. The king could kill you because you failed to complete a quest. You have to watch people get killed in war. You are not allowed friends that are not in the knight clan.

I wouldn't want to be a roman gladiator because you have to kill people in a giant stadium. People watch you kill some one or killing you. You need to kill or be killed. You have to wear gold or silver armor that weighs you down. You if you are having a battle with someone that has lighter armor than you you could be killed. The king could kill you if you refuse to battle.

This is why you do not want to be a knight or a roman gladiator.

Feedback it is really cool that you got chosen for Bookapedia.
Feedfoward next time you could organize some time to finish your fact tree.
Evaluation: I think that I have gotten better at scanning for key words. I am looking forward to doing note taking because I know that I could improve in note taking. I am enjoying Bookapedia. I am getting a lot better at my reasearch skills.

Note taking.
Walt:organize our notes to make connections and find gaps.


7 Jun 2016

X-country goal

This year my cross country goal is to come in the top10. To do this I have not give up and believe in myself. I think that I have a good chance getting 7th 8th or 9th. I think that it might be a challenge for me but that is my one word.