30 May 2016


Last week we redid our knowledge tests. I think that is did really well. I did two tests because I completed the stage five test with a score of 96 percent out of 100 percent. I later on did the stage six test and got 40 percent out of 100 percent. I think that I have improved a lot since last term.
Here are my tests.

26 May 2016

Seed 2 table

Last week was our last seed 2 table session. We made pasta and for desert we had chocolate pudding. I helped to make the pasta. First we made the big lumps of dough and made them the right shape. Soon we used a special tool to flatten the dough out and cut it in to pasta strips. We hung them up on some brooms that were propped up on some chairs. We cooked it with some tomato sauce and meat balls. After brunch we did some gardening. We weeded all the weeds in the gardens and took care of al, the worms. I loved doing seed 2 table. I can't wait until next year when I do it.

23 May 2016


For reading I have been learning about the moon landings. I watched avideo that was about if the moon landings were fake. I listened very carefully carefully and I decided to take notes. These are the notes I took.

1: some people think that the rocks were props bemuse the rocks had letters on them like they were marked to be where it was!

2: some thought that the landings were in a studio.

3: some thought the first moon landings were fake!

4: some scientists claimed the the van Allen belt surrounding earth made space travel impossible because the radiation would kill the astronauts.

5: van allen him self said that the crafts hull protects the astronauts from the radiation.

6: nasa says that the letters in the rocks are just flaws in the photos.

7:some people say that the flags weren't moving they just had folds from storage.

8: Neil Armstrong has always said that he walked on the moon.

19 May 2016


Today I practiced and completed my spelling. I think that I am stage 3 for fast,stage 3 foraccuracy and stage 3 for legabile. I have been watering my plants and collecting data. I lately we have been looking at sea turtles in writing. I learnt that only 2 to 20 survive out of 1000. I have started a mine craft protect about NASA.

12 May 2016


Over the last week I have been practicing my spelling. I have practiced the 12 words I got wrong. I have to practice 5 minutes a day. I think that I am going pretty well. This is a picture of what I have been doing in my think book.

Evaluation: I think that I am doing well in my spelling.

9 May 2016

Seed 2 table

Last week we had our first seed 2 table session. We made pumpkin soup and Focaccia bread and for dessert we made cinnamon pin wheel scones and Feijoa muffins. I got to help make the cinnamon pin wheel scones. They were delicious. We also got to plan a garden plan. We have chosen to do this because we are experimenting what makes the biggest difference if we change something when growing a plant. We got onto groups of three,four or two. My group and I chose to change how much soil we put in. We have planed it out and this week we will start the project.

Hand writing

Last week we did a handwriting test. We had to wrote a poem In 5 minutes that was legible,fast and accurate. There are four levels. Level 1,2,3 and four. I think that I am level three for accuracy. Level one for speed and level three for legibility. My next goal is to get faster and stop thinking that there is so much pressure on me.

5 May 2016


We are learning fractions in Maths. Lately I have been playing a maths game called chicken coop maths. The aim of the game is to answer the questions by moving the nest to the answer. Then the chicken fires an egg and it lands on the answer. If you got the answer right the egg hatches. This is a picture of me doing  improper fractions.
 Feedback: I love how you got the right answer to show on your blog jack w

Feedforward: next time you can play a different game to play 🔛 jack w

Evaluatetion: I think that I have done well in my maths this term.

4 May 2016

Sarah platt art.

Sarah platt paints all kinds of pictures. But my favorite pictures are of different parts of Palmerston North and room 10 and 12 had the privilege to make some of her art. The first step was to make a practice copy of the little picture that we were given. Soon after we finished that we got out our good copy. We chose to do pencil then vivid for the out lines. We then couloir end it in. Me and my buddy Matt chose to do paint,coloured pencil and postal. It looks amazing. The finished product look's so cool. Here it is.
 Feedback: I like how the picture is different than what the real thing looks like.

Feed forward: nothing. It is perfect.
Angus j

Evaluation: I think that it was hard but very fun.

2 May 2016

Term 2 labels

These are our labels for term 2. I am so happy to be back at school.😀