18 Mar 2016

Camp El ranch evaluation

Description: RING RING, RING RING. Ah it is good to be back in Palmerston North. And I bet you are wondering why I said that. Well the year 5 and 6's have just been at camp and I am intending to tell you about it.  We arrived on tuesday at mod day. We were all really hungry so we had lunch. We had a talk about safety and what we were going to do that day. We got to do a discover elrancho. It was when we look for some signs with different patterns on them. My group came 1st place. The next thing we did was sort our cabin out. It was quite hard. The activities we did were riffles,horses,low ropes,kayaks,rafts,team inatiative,pool,archery,mini golf and water slide. The meals each night were delicious. On the first night we had nachos and for desert we had apple crumble. I thought that camp was a great experience and I know I will never forget camp.

Image: This is what we wrote in the camp dairies. Have a read. 

Feedback: I think you did well on explaining everything in camp.

Feedforward:Next Time you could write more clearer.

7 Mar 2016

Camp goals

I don't believe that next week it is senior school camp. It is going to be a great experience for me and some other friends. Today we have chosen our camp goals to focus on at camp. Our goals had to relate to our one word. I think that my goals are great goals to focus on at camp. This a picture of my goals. I hope you like them.

4 Mar 2016

One word 2016 portfolio sample

What is a one word you ask.

Description: this year we choose to have a one word. A one word is like a New Years resolution but easier to focus on because it is only one word. I choose a one word it is challenge. I think it is really good word because a lot of tasks challenge you like next week we are going to camp it is all about challenge. We also made some art about our one word. The task was that we would get our picture taken and make a sign saying our one word. We had a few practices and then we got on to the good copy. This is what my one looks like. Can you spot the word?

Feedback: I think you did well at the lettering 

Feedfoward:next time try and get coulors that work together.

Evaluation: thanks miko I will try that next time. It was hard to find the right colours for the letters and it was hard to find the kind of style for the letters.