29 Feb 2016


When you are talking to someone you need to make sure you are active listening. What is active listening you say?

Description:Last week poutama learnt about 3 kinds of listening types.active listening,busy listening and me to listening. The task was to create a movie with three other people about the listening we learnt about. We decided to video people acting out the types of listening. But on Friday  was sick and I missed out on getting to do it with people at school so I decided to be a self agentic learner and made the movie with my mum and dad.

This is my movie. My mum videoed it and me and my dad acted I hope you like it?

Big idea: I didn't know that there were names for listening types. I found out that when you are active listening you have to have eye contact and be slightly leaning foward. I also think that making a movie is a really good idea because you can dress up and act which is quite cool. I also learnt that in me to listening the listener becomes the talker.

Feedback: I like the way you made it at home.Angus m

Feedforward you need to do nothing. Angus m

Evaluation: it took me a while to plan and it was quite hard to act with out laughing.

19 Feb 2016

The treaty of waitangi creation

The treaty of waitangi is a moment that changed what could of happened in New Zealand. That is why we chose to make a creation about the treaty of Waitangi.

Description: the task was to create something wither the rules and aim to get on the rubric.
A rubric is a sheet that has 5 choices or aims to get to. There's pre which means you include one fact, uni which means to get 2 facts,multi means 3 facts,relational Means connecting 3 or more facts together and extended abstract means going beyound the task and including more than 4 facts. I think that I got to relational or extended abstract.

 I made a documentary/movie with lots of facts about the treaty.

This is my movie I made. I hope you like it?

Big idea: I choose to do a movie because my one word is challenge and I usually do a 3D model or a minecraft. So I did a documentary about how captain William Hobson got to nz and made an agreement with the Maori. He also passed a man named George harrissin who was sent to nz a year before Hobson. Hobson went to nz to represent queen Victoria. The Maori did not understand the writing on the first treaty so they later on translated it to a Maori treaty. Some Maori were not allowed because they were not important.

Feedback: I like the way you added the rubric

Feedfoword: Don't have one. (Perfect)

Evaluation: it was hard drawing the boat and getting time to make it because I started it on Wednesday night. My dad helped alot and I think that it looks great.

4 Feb 2016

One word

This year we had to choose a word. Not just any word. Our one word. Our one word is like a New Years resolution except we only need to focus on one word. The criteria was it had to be something that you could do anywhere,you can be focused on,it has to be something that will challenge you,be positive,be somthing you can action daily and be an attitude/a way of thinking. My one word is challenge. To me it means trying somthing challenging and that you have never done before and pushing your self to the limit. It also means going into the learning pit. So maybe you could come up with a one word?

3 Feb 2016

The treaty of waitangi.

Today we learnt about Waitangi Day. We were practicing asking questions. I learnt that the Europeans were trying to buy New Zealand of the Maori. We did this because it is a tradition in nz. Here are my questions!