18 Sep 2015

Reading sample

In reading I have been learning to put my reading into my own words. I used this most when doing my research about the manawatu gorge slip. I researched about the viechles used to fix the road and gorge. My Walt into organize my learning and words into something that is useful. Here are some pictures of what the slip looked like.

17 Sep 2015

Maths sample

This week I have been learning about decimals. The Walt of this learning is to add and subtract numbers with decimal points,and fractions.

3 Sep 2015

Imaginary writing

Room 7 has been doing imaginary writing about things at school coming to life. This is my story.

Imaginary story

As I fixed the old clock I kept on daydreaming about an all new paralall universe through all my favourite stuff like Tron, Star Wars, teenage mutant ninja turtles,ninjago and well boy stuff.,"Alex are you nearly finished fixing the clock." Questioned Joy.,"nearly,"I answered. Suddenly I leaned onto the clock and fell straight into the clock and found my self in a paralall universe...! WOW! I  yelled. I looked up to the sky. I could see what was going on out side the clock and I could see the time that the clock was showing. As I tried to spy a way out I saw an old school. I walked into the first class. It didn't have much except a sink,tap and a desk. I walked over to see if there was anything in the sink. Suddenly the tap came to life and took hold of me lifted me through the door and straight back through the clock. A.K.A the secret portal. One day after I discovered that the clock was a secret portal I kept close to my friends Camden and Edward just in case anything else strange happened.," Hey Alex you wantta come play geometry dash?"questioned Camden? ," Sure camden." I answered. As we played I felt very safe until suddenly I teleported into the game! ," Oh no." I cried? The shaped character was heading straight for me and Camden! ," RUN!!!! I shouted to Camden. We had to complete the level before our character crashed into a shape......