30 Jul 2015

Diary writing sample

2015 week 2 term 3.
Walt keep a diary and write about what we are doing.
This term we are focused on our art and flight because we are making our own wearable art costume for the end of term production.On Friday last week we learnt about manipulating paper.  We also made   our monster foot with cardboardd and art paper. This is my monster foot. I hope you like it!

2015 week 6 term 3
Last Friday we had our first costume designing session. I had so much excitement inside my head that I didn't know what to do first. I thought I should start the wings and feathers first. So I went out side to laminate my wings. Laminating card means layering two pieces of card board on top of each other and gluing them together with pva glue.

2015 week 8 term 3

This is my wearable art design. It looks all messy but so far my costume is going to look like this. The sharp beak shapes on my shoulders are an idea I got from looking at a picture of a wedge tailed eagle.
There are also  some things that I've changed like my helmet is not in my costume because it will take up to much of my time. This is what my costume looks like so far.

Do you like my costume. My shirt and pants represent a bird flying through the air. My wing represents the sea and the silver pieces of card board are giant rocks in the ocean. My wing idea came from a feathered flying Dinosaur called archaeopteryx. They had claws on their wings that they used to fly faster and hunt prey. It took seven days to complete it and I called feathered flight. I was going to call it  Dino flight but I thought about what my costume was about and it wasn't all about dinosaurs it was about flight. So instead of Dino flight I choose feathered flight.