28 May 2015

Killer whale science

Here is my poster about killer whales. I hope you like it.
I also did a minecraft project on killer whales because I had some spare time. I hope you like it.

I used all my knowledge to create the beach and all the other deatilas in this project. I did the beach first because it is easier to have a background before I build the main part of my science.
On the beach I added a seal to show that they live on the shore where a killer whale can be spotted.
I started my killer whale by building the head. After I completed the head I started to build the flippers and body. As I finished the detailed body I constructed the tail and there I had it the perfect killer whale
I wrote some facts on the killer whale and here they are.
1. A killer can jump 5 metres out of the water!
2. A killer whale is very gental around humans!
3. A killer whale is actually a dolphin!
4. A killer is bigger than a great white shark it can even kill one!
5. A killer whale will chase a seal to the shore a kill it when the seal try's to escape!
6. A killer whales fin is bigger than a great whites fin!
 I also did a boat leaking oil.

I learnt that if a killer whales swims in oil its skin will get very damaged.

I hope you liked it?