30 Apr 2015

Anzac Day

The 100th anniversary of Gallipoli has passed. The war was a tragic time. At Russell Street School we had a whole day of Anzac activities. I enjoyed creating Anzac Cove In the sand pit with Angus. We added all the detail and the coast line.

 I also injoyed Stephen's activities when we got to watch a Lego version of the Gallipoli war. The Lego Gallipoli war had all the real sound effects and actions.

I learnt that the Anzacs landed in the wrong place and that when the first day was over they had to dig dig dig till they were safe.

A hike a poem is a poem that has each line different sylobols like 575.This is my hikau poem. I hope you like it.

Anzac poem 

Guns blast tiny bullets

The feeling of hot metal

Some of the soldiers die

We remember them

The poppies grow in honour 

We thank the soldiers

Lest we forget 


This is a photo of me in a army uniform.