23 Mar 2015

Term 1 whakawhanaungatanga sample

This is my buddy carter.
We show whakawhanaungatanga by helping each other when we need it. At the marae I showed 
whakawhanaungatanga by helping my buddy in the weaving when he needed help

My camp goal was to make friends! I made two new friends Juvan and Huston.

When we got welcomed on to the marae I felt nervous and exited at the same time. The powhiri was long and a little bit boring.
As we walked out of the whati house we headed to get our morning tea.

 After morning tea we got into groups and did some activities. The activities were weaving,kiorahi,Maori scavenger hunt and string games. Soon the activities were over. We had some lunch and had a talk about what was happening. As soon as we finished eating we had free time out side. 

Then the little buddy's left to go home

As soon as the little buddy's left we started to get our beds in order.

Soon we were having some dinner. It was delicious! We sat at the table until it was time to make our pancake cake. We each had a turn of topping the cake and then we ate the cake.We had to wash our dishes and clean our cutlery. 

We had some more free time and soon we had a hot chocolate and as soon as we were finished we got into our pjs and brushed our teeth and cuddled up in our beds. whakawhanaungatanga helped me at the marae because it helped me to make friends and have fun.

18 Mar 2015

Term 1 writing sample.

I wrote this to imagine what it would be like to be trapeze artist.
I know this was a good imagining story because it includes all the skills that a trapeze artist has and it includes the feelings of a trapeze artist.
I am going to work on using language features next.

11 Mar 2015

Reading sample term 1

I am learning to use the six hats for explaining my book.
I used this photo because the six hats are helpful for all kinds of thinking  about the book.
My goal this term for reading is to find information quickly.

9 Mar 2015

Global School Play Day

Plus. My plus was having fun with my friends playing with my lego star wars and Lego chima. I also really liked building with the imagines.

Minus. Falling off my skate board at lunch.

Interesting. Making a base with the imagines and Edward.

managing our self sample

On Wednesday we had a little desk change that would help our self agency. I am a trapeze artist learner which means I like to work with other people and sometimes like them to help me. Here is my new desk.hope you like it.
My new desk is very comfortable and I am not easily distracted. My goal this term for self agency is think for my self.