26 Feb 2015

Swimming sample term 1

For swimming this term I am practicing strokes.
To do strokes you have to have big arms and straight arms. I also need to kick little not big becaus it will waste my energy.

19 Feb 2015

Term 1 maths sample

This week for maths we built a little tower and in our maths book we drew the building from a front view,side view and a back view. As you can see I did a tower shaped like a t. My goal for geometry this term is to learn how to use my ruler correctly to draw straight lines for shapes. This s will help me because I need to be accurate.
This week for maths we have been making 3D shapes. We got to make a octahedron,a icosahedron and we are making a dodecahedron. I learnt that to make the shape properly you need to fold it in th right way and if you don't you will end up with a funny shape.

13 Feb 2015

Week two reflection

Plus. This week the supers reading group started tape art. It is a big challenge. Especially with bossy people in my group.

Minus. Camden choose Angus and Sam for his tape art.

Interesting. In tape art I found out that you use special tape to make the art.

That made me feel sad and happy too.