27 Nov 2014

Co2 car diary

Day 1:cutting
The kit contains add on pieces, wheels, the car base and the axels. 
This is what my car turned out to look like after I did the cutting. I still have some to cut out. It is called the red eagle.
Here we are in the hall cutting our car into the shape we want. when you cut you must cut away from your body. When I started to cut the wood at the front it was very hard but as I cut the wood I found it easier. The people that we're sitting next to me we're very helpful and happy. I used a craft knife and cut my self. I had to use a potato pealer for a bit. At the end we had a huge pack up.

20 Nov 2014

Time machine

here is what I did in writing time on kid pix.Do you like it.

Maths shapes

Here are the shapes me Camden and Ethan made with play dough and sticks.The one on the left is a square based pyramid and the one on the right Is a triangular prism.