21 May 2014

Lava lamp

This is my lava lamp.

This is what my lava lamp turned out to be.

14 May 2014

Science Experiment

We had 3 bowls.Hot cold and room temperature.
We dunked our hands in for 1 minute and when the minute was done we zoomed our hand out of the water and in to a room temperature. When I put hand in the cold bowl it felt like a 19 degress pool and the warm bowl felt like a spa pool. I learnt that to tell temperture you need a thermometer.

9 May 2014

Holiday PMI.

I travelled to Taupo for Easter at my friends batch.
On Friday I zoomed to ohokune to play in the snow.
Had a ride on a speedy jet ski.

Having a cold in the middle of the holidays.
Having a box slamed on my head. Anger came bursting out of me.
When my dad snored so loud that he woke me up. I was so angry I bumped into a wall.

Lachie started toilet training.
We went to my dad's office. We had to clean it up.
We went to the museum of army. We climbed on the camouflaged tanks.

Plurals poster

7 May 2014

Smoothie recipe

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